CartoDB and TileMIll

Create maps that visualise research data and gain knowledge of spatial data types

Mapbox lets you create customised maps to display your research. You'll learn about the art of cartography and the types of data that you can access and use in Mapbox. We'll introduce you to CartoCSS, so you can customise the appearance of your map and control the level of detail that appears and create a map that you'll be proud to publish. CartoDB is recommended but not required for attending this workshop

Mapbox is a simple yet powerful tool that lets you visualise data onto maps. You'll learn how to format data to make a map of visualisation. We'll explore the range of inbuilt features that Cart oDB offers and how to start customising these tools to produce a map that communicates your research data through narrative.

This course is FREE for researchers (PhDs, Postgrads, PostDocs & Profs)

Duration: CartoDB 2.5 hours/Tilemil 6 hours

Format: CartoDB single session, Tilemill 2 x 3 hours

Frequency: Quarterly for CartoDB & twice annually for TileMill

Notes: Bring your own computer