Melbourne computation

Capture, integration and sharing of research data, these services ensure effective organisation and management of data and information to enable a high quality of research data output

Dr. Stephen Giugni

The Capability

Melbourne Computation, otherwise known as Research Platform Services (ResPlat), provides a suite of existing and developing information and communication technologies to support research activities at the University of Melbourne.

The University Platforms

Distinct from Information Technology Services (ITS), the services of ResPlat revolve around three core platforms, which are intimately integrated with state and national research infrastructure programs such as the Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative (VLSCI), National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources (NeCTAR) and Research Data Storage Infrastructure (RDSI). ResPlat has a team of experts to support researchers in access to and application of the available tools and resources.

High Performance Computing (HPC) Platform

High performance or supercomputing refers to a computing capacity large enough for solving complex problems that cannot be solved using conventional computer systems. It is required to be highly reliable and stable in order to permit a number of computing components to operate in parallel to solve these problems. Melbourne Computation facilitates access to a number of in-house and external HPC platforms, including the IBM Blue Gene/Q, available through the VLSCI.

Data Management and Storage Platforms

Melbourne Computation provides a range of data-related services for the effective organisation and management of data and information, including access to VicNode. As the Victorian arm of the Research Data Storage Infrastructure (RDSI), VicNode provides Victorian researchers with the ability to store and share research data securely. These storage solutions offered by Melbourne Computing proved scalable and cost-competitive options for research data management and storage to suit the changing needs of research datasets.

Cloud/Server Platform

Melbourne Computation offers a number of centralised computer network options including access to a national network cloud for Australian researchers. NeCTAR's research cloud is a scalable, self-service collaborative supercomputing network. Located at eight different organisations around Australia, yet operating as one cloud system, the NeCTAR Research Cloud allows researchers to publish research data, share knowledge and rapidly deploy and access software applications.

Access to the three Platforms is based on fee-for-service or merit.