Interdisciplinary Environment Workshop

“Presenting in an Interdisciplinary Environment

Therapeutic Technologies Research and Materials Research Hallmark Initiatives Workshop


(Learning environment room PAR-Alice Hoy-242, Building 162, University of Melbourne

Monash Road, Carlton VIC 3053)

The objective of the “Presenting in the Interdisciplinary Environmentis to provide guidance to fuel interdisciplinary interaction between young researchers  at the University of Melbourne.

In order to do this, this workshop will aim to:

-Discuss the potential value of interdisciplinary research engagement on the basis they can discuss and understand each other’s interests and objectives. This workshop will share experiences and cases studies of interdisciplinary project and interactions.

-Practice your interdisciplinary skills. The students and ECRs will have to make 1 slide on their research and explain it in one minute. Plus a café-style discussion will be organized in small groups, where they will have more time to explain their aims to person from another field and they will have to explain afterwards briefly what they understood.

  • Workshop flyer
  • 1 min/1 slide pptx template