Meet some of our Graduate Researchers

A graduate research degree today will change the world tomorrow. In this video series we invite you to meet some of our graduate researchers and experience the exciting areas they are working in.
  • Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health SciencesChris Leung

    What is fatty liver disease and why is it so prevalent in our society? Chris is looking for the answer and hopes to one day come up with some preventative therapies.

  • Faculty of Veterinary ScienceLaura Dooley

    Before her PhD Laura was working as a veterinarian, treating individual animals – but then she decided she would like to help human and animal health on a larger scale.

  • Graduate School of Business and EconomicsAndrea La Nauze

    Is there a link between economics and environmental policy? There should be and Andrea is hoping her PhD will play a role in determining how.

  • Graduate School of Humanities & Social SciencesSara Ciesielski

    Sara is interested in the intersection between language and culture and her research is exploring that angle from when children are born and onwards.

  • Melbourne Graduate School of EducationKim Anh Dang

    Kim Anh Dang is hoping that her PhD contributes to improving the quality of children’s education around the world.

  • Melbourne Graduate School of ScienceBrandon MacDonald

    Brandon is hoping that his research will revolutionise the way we think about electronic devices.

  • Melbourne Law SchoolJoseph Mary Kikonyogo

    Joseph would like to educate people about the value of international trade.

  • Melbourne School of DesignTed Chen

    Ted is looking for an integrative model of post-disaster housing reconstruction in three particular dimensions: material resilience, social resilience and spiritual resilience.

  • Melbourne School of EngineeringAndrey Kan

    Andrey wants to advance the health and wealth of humanity through science.

  • Melbourne School of Land & EnvironmentEllycia Harrould-Kolieb

    A passion for the oceans has inspired Ellycia to find out how to better protect them.

  • Victorian College of the Arts & Melbourne Conservatorium of MusicTamirat Gebremarium

    Through painting Tamirat is examining contemporary and modern art.