Fine Arts and Music research contacts

Faculty grants coordinators, faculty research managers, agreement administrators, publications coordinators and commercial engagement contacts for the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music.

Find University-wide contacts for Major Initiatives, Grants and Contracts as well as Themis agreements advisors on the University-wide research funding contacts page.

  • Faculty research manager

    Belinda Kelly +61 3 9035 9095

  • Publication coordinators and academic liaison officers

    Department numberDepartmentCoordinators Liaison officer
    7410 Faculty of Fine Arts and MusicBelinda Kelly
    Sophie Boyd-Hurrell
    Olivia Boddeus

    Linda Kouvaras

    7420 Melbourne Conservatorium of Music Belinda Kelly
    Sophie Boyd-Hurrell
    Olivia Boddeus 

    Linda Kouvaras

    7500 Victorian College of the Arts Belinda Kelly
    Sophie Boyd-Hurrell
    Olivia Boddeus 
    Barbara Bolt

  • Faculty grants coordinator/mentor

    The grant mentoring program appoints grant mentors (often referred to as 'grant shepherds') to provide oversight and advice for each application.

    Contact Barb Bolt, your faculty coordinator/mentor for information on how to access these services.

  • Themis agreement administrators

    Department numberDepartmentAdministrator
    7420 Melbourne Conservatorium of Music Claire Jin Ying
    7410 Faculty of Fine Arts and Music Claire Jin Ying
    7500 Victorian College of Arts Claire Jin Ying

  • Commercial engagement contacts and advice

    Business Development Directors and Managers with senior industry experience are embedded within all faculties. They are your entry point to a range of University services that support the academic community to engage with industry, pursue research sponsorship and tender opportunities, develop contract research proposals, protect and commercialise intellectual assets.

    Your local faculty contacts

    If you are unable to get in touch with any of your local faculty contacts, you can contact 
    Kevin Orrman-Rossiter (External Enquiries Manager) for assistance you with your enquiry.